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Sep, 2018

Silent Soccer

We are excited to have our first 'Silent Soccer Weekend,' sponsored by OrthoCincy, the weekend of September 22-23. Yes, we are asking that you don't coach or cheer on your players with any verbal communication during the game!  

Our goals for Silent Soccer are to:
  • allow the kids to play
  • empower them to make decisions
  • emphasize the fun of the game. 

We hope these games also encourage a sense of teamwork as the players must learn to communicate with each other. Additionally this is a chance to support our referees by eliminating  sideline interference and comments.  

We want to thank you in advance for your participation. We also want to ask that we all, as adults, follow these rules and help encourage others who don't know the guidelines.  

We request that you make no verbal comments about the game or direct any comments to the players, referees or coaches. Clapping IS allowed! Be creative in how you choose to cheer your child's team - make signs to hold up or bring a rally towel in the team's color and wave it wildly. There are lots of ways to cheer other than verbally - applaud/clap, but please no horns, whistle or noise-makers. 

We are asking that you do not provide any direction - verbal or non-verbal - to players who are on the field. Speak to the team before the game, at substitution breaks and at halftime as you normally do. During the match, speak quietly to players on the bench about the game. If required, quietly call a player on the field over to the touchline to provide tactical instruction. Then let them convey the message to the team. 

While on the field, you are encouraged to speak to each other as normal. Continue to support and provide direction to each other, as you have in the past. Substitute players on the bench, should remain quiet and not cheer or provide tactical instruction to their teammates. Lest they simply replace the coach or act on their behest. 

For this special day, referees are asked to monitor the spectators and coaches' adherence to these guidelines and to offer gentle reminders if the recommendations are not being followed. Continue to verbalize often during the game as you normally do. You are there to help the players have a safe, fair and fun time.  

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