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To register your child, please click on Register in the upper right-hand corner of the website.  Our website allows us to maintain the database and online registration in the same tables.  Once data is entered, you will not have to re-enter it for siblings, or subsequent seasons.

Registration FAQ

When will I hear from a coach?
For the spring season you will hear from a coach toward the end of February and for the fall season you will hear from a coach toward the end of July. Practices will start 1-2 weeks after hearing from a coach.
What is the significance of Late Registration?
Late registrations are accepted online ONLY IF there is room left in the division your child qualifies for. A late fee will be charged. If the division is full it will be closed and you will need to email Katie Ekins at [email protected]  to get on a wait list. You will not be charged registration fees until a spot opens up and GSSA can get your child on a team. A late fee will be charged.
How does registration work?
Registration is in 2 parts – the first is entering the data needed to place your child within the system. This includes name, address, date of birth, etc. The second part is making a payment. Both parts must be completed in order for GSSA to put your child on a roster. If data is entered, but no payment is made, then the child will not be placed on a roster, and you will not be hearing from a coach. All registrations can be done online at
How will I know if my child can be put on a roster?
When you register online (data entry part), and you give a valid email address, you should receive an email, generated automatically, that the data was successfully entered and accepted. That is your confirmation that your child will be placed on a roster.
What is the late fee (and how do I avoid it)?
Make sure that you register and have payment in by the end of regular registration. The registration deadline for the spring season is January 20th and the deadline for the fall season is June 20th. Anyone registering after those dates will incur a $50.00 late fee - NO EXCEPTIONS!!  
What is the draw?
GSSA will assemble rosters of all players that are registered a few weeks before the coaches meeting each season. The draw will be done in accordance with National SAY rules. SAY rules dictate RANDOM DRAW! Coach’s children will be pulled out of the draw and assigned to the teams their parent coach, as applicable.Siblings will be placed together, unless parents request otherwise. For kids registered in instructional, passers and wings GSSA tries to do some grouping by schools - this is a courtesy not a promise, so please don't have any expectations. Do not make requests for your child to be placed with friends or for carpools. With 750-850 kids registered each season GSSA cannot be expected to grant favors.
How can I assure my child is placed with a friend?
Both parents must agree to coach their team. If the coaches are chosen, both their children will be out of the draw, and placed together. Only 2 coaches per team, one head coach and one asst. coach. There is no other way within the SAY rules to place children together.
How can my child practice at a certain field, or specific night and time?
Again, the parent must coach the child. Times, fields, and practice days are chosen by the coach, and not assigned by GSSA. We will work with coaches to fit their schedule. If you need a specific schedule for your kids, we’ll work with you if you coach. Otherwise, the process could quickly become cumbersome to the point it is unworkable. That is why no requests are honored.
Can I ask for a specific coach?
No. The only way to insure your child is with a specific coach is to coach with them. Both coaches (you and the one you want) must request each other prior to the draw. If you ask afterwards, there is no recourse.
Can I avoid a specific coach?
Yes, you can non-request a coach by adding a note on the registration form or online before the draw placing your child on a team. GSSA does not, as a rule, share your request with the coach.
How are coaches chosen?
Coaches are chosen based first on who volunteers to coach. As the kids get older, there are fewer and fewer teams, and usually fewer coaches. If a conflict arises the decision is based mainly on service time with GSSA and past history.
How do refunds work?
Full refunds, minus any online fee, are given if notice of withdrawal is given prior to the roster draw. Once placed on a roster, a refund (minus online fee and late fee) is only given if the player 1.) Relocated out of the area prior to the draw, 2.) Has a medical exemption - injury or 3.) makes a school soccer team. #3 applies only in the fall to SYCAMORE JH and HS students trying out for their school team. It does not apply to kids who decided to play for another school or club.
What happens if I enter information incorrectly when I enroll online?
You receive, as part of the process, a confirmation email that includes the data you entered. It is your responsibility to insure the correct information is there. If it is wrong, and the error is not detected prior to your child being placed on a team, GSSA will work to fix the error, but your child will be placed on the late draw list, and will not be eligible to practice or play until the wait list is cleared out.
How does the Late Draw work?
If the division remained open after the registration deadline, that means there was still room to add kids. If you were able to complete a late registration online that means your child will be placed on a team wherever there was room. Late registration reduces chances of kids being able to play with others kids from their school. If the division filled, then you could not register online. In that case email Katie Ekins at [email protected] to get on a wait list. Openings will be filled in the order the wait listed kids were received.
What can I do if I don’t like the nights practices are, or the field, or anything after rosters are set?
If your child is assigned to a team that practices on a night that he/she has a conflict, email Katie Ekins at  [email protected] to make her aware. If there is an opening on a team that has a different night, your child will be moved to that team. If there are no openings, your child will go on a wait list to be moved in hopes that someone from another team has a conflict as well and they could be traded. If an opening or a trade does not work out and you are unwilling to adjust your other commitment then you withdraw from the league and you will NOT receive a refund.
My child has a cast on her arm and the doctor says she can play soccer. Is this permitted?
Per SAY rules, a child with any type of cast or splint (even if covered with soft padding) may not practice or participate in games. The only exception would be for an inflated “air” cast.
Are you allowed to wear earrings while playing soccer?
Again, per SAY rules, jewelry of any kind, including earrings (even if covered with a Band-aid), are not permitted while playing soccer. Watches, too, are not permitted. 

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